Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come Home To Me

I wrote this poem about when my fiance came home for R&R and we had to say goodbye one last time. It was definitely the most painful goodbye of them all.

Come Home To Me

We stood there, our bodies as one
The electricity ran through us like fire
This moment, we cherished every second
The way your disheveled hair is so perfect
The way my hand fits so easily in yours

I lay my head in the nook of your shoulder
I can smell your skin, your cologne, your breath
All I can think about is the memories being made without you
How each minute with feel like a lifetime
How each night will be spent next to an empty pillow

I glance to my left, there stands a woman wiping a tear
She feels my pain as if I was screaming at the top of my lungs
She sees the weakness in my legs, the heartache in my face
She watched me hold his face in my hands, remembering every inch of it
She saw him catch a tear of mine and bring it to his lips

It’s at that moment that they call his row
We kiss one last time, knowing it may be our last forever
His hand slips out of mine, my heart slowly breaks
I watch him walk on that plane while I stand there, vulnerable
He’s off to fight a war, while I fight the war within